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How can ICON resin infiltration and MI Paste benefit my child?

ICON Resin Infiltration

At Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry, we offer ICON resin infiltration to help prevent cavities and treat white spots on teeth (demineralized areas). Resin infiltration treatment penetrates and fills tooth enamel to eliminate white spots without numbing, injections, or drilling. 

ICON resin infiltration is a comfortable, straightforward procedure. First, we thoroughly dry the tooth, then use a special gel to etch its surface slightly. After a brief wait, we rinse off the gel, check the tooth, and repeat the steps. 

The final step is to seal the treated area by applying infiltration liquid to the surface, smoothing and polishing the tooth. 

Helps Prevent Cavities 

In some cases, resin infiltration also enables us to treat a tooth defect before it becomes a cavity. Rather than waiting to see what develops, our dentists can treat the defect with resin infiltration right away and prevent it from becoming a full-blown cavity. This also eliminates the need to drill and fill the tooth later. 

Minimal Intervention (MI) Paste

Minimal Intervention (MI) Paste comes in a tube like toothpaste and supplies calcium and phosphate to strengthen teeth. This non-invasive treatment protects  baby teeth and offers numerous benefits: 

  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Restores mineral loss by boosting calcium and phosphate 
  • Helps combat dry mouth by improving saliva flow
  • Contains no fluoride and is safe for children under age six

Can These Treatments Benefit Your Child?

If you have questions about whether ICON resin infiltration or MI Paste can benefit your child, please call our Staten Island, NY dental office. 

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