Laser Dentistry for Children

At Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry, we know a child's early experiences with dentistry play a large part in their future attitude about oral health care. We also know that healthy teeth are a marker for a long healthy life! Our caring dental team strives to ensure that your little one always has a positive experience and that every appointment ends with a smile. 

Dr. Michelle Flanigan and Dr. Yelena Lange are committed to staying on the leading edge of advances in dentistry. Using advanced technology like laser dentistry allows them to improve your child's comfort and treatment outcomes.

A More Comfortable Experience for Your Child

Dental lasers work on the same principle as those used for medical procedures. The laser uses a focused beam of light, allowing our dentists to pinpoint the area they are treating and leave healthy, surrounding tissue unaffected.

One benefit of Solea laser dentistry that parents and children love is that treatment is so comfortable, we can perform many procedures, including tooth fillings and nerve treatments, without injections or anesthesia.

Since Dr. Michelle and Dr. Yelena do not need to wait for your child's mouth to get numb, they can begin treatment immediately and work more efficiently. Your child will be out of the dental chair and choosing prizes faster! 

5 Benefits of Children's Laser Dentistry

While we can't use dental lasers for every procedure we perform, when we do, they offer tremendous benefits:

  1. Fewer shots: Laser treatment is so gentle and comfortable that, in many cases, no anesthesia is needed.
  2. Less drilling: Lasers allow our dentists to be precise when removing decay without the need for drills.
  3. More efficient: Dental laser treatments are so efficient that we often perform multiple procedures during a single appointment instead of multiple visits.
  4. Greater precision: With dental lasers, we pinpoint problem areas and remove only the decay while preserving healthy tooth structure
  5. Faster healing times: Lasers promote faster healing and regeneration due to minimal bleeding and lowered risk of infection.

Laser Dentistry Procedures We Offer

Some of the procedures our dentists perform using laser dentistry are:

  • Remove tooth decay, often without an injection
  • Treat severe gingivitis and swollen gums 
  • Perform frenectomies to eliminate a "tongue-tie" and release other tethered tissues. This can be especially beneficial for nursing babies struggling to breastfeed and infants that tend to take in too much air when feeding.
  • Eliminate excess gum tissue to correct a "gummy" smile
  • Remove small growths and relieve the pain of cold sores, fever blisters, and canker sores

At Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that laser dentistry is quickly becoming the standard of care because of the many benefits it offers patients. 

Children's Laser Dentistry in Staten Island, NY

At Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry, we are excited about the benefits that dental lasers offer when treating children.

Please call us at (718) 761-7316  to schedule your little one's next dental visit. We are always pleased to welcome children from Staten Island and all surrounding communities, including Brooklyn, NY, and Bayonne, NJ.