What is a tongue tie? 

 A tongue-tie is a common situation where the membrane under the tongue restricts movement. While the condition commonly affects between 1-10% of newborns, all babies are born with  this tissue. An issue develops when the tissue is so tight that it restricts your baby’s ability to breastfeed and the way that they latch on. In addition, it is common for children with this condition to have issues eating, speaking and even swallowing.  A tongue-tie can come in different degrees, and the dentists at Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry can help assess the severity of the condition and recommend a treatment plan.

What is a lip tie? 

Many children that have a tongue tie condition may also have a tight membrane (a frenulum) which attaches their upper gums to their upper lip between their two front teeth. This condition is called a lip tie.  This can result in a poor latch during breastfeeding. Researchers don’t have much information on why the condition occurs, but it is thought to be hereditary in nature. 

How are Tongue Ties and Lip Ties Treated?

While tongue-ties and lip-ties don’t always cause a problem, there is sometimes a need to correct the condition using a simple, safe and effective surgical procedure. The dentists at Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry use one of the most advanced lasers on the market, the Solea (CO2) laser. This laser minimizes discomfort to your child and allows them to heal faster, resulting in a better experience for your child. 

Lasers do not produce any heat, pressure or vibration and are minimally invasive. Procedures using a laser also don’t require sutures, resulting in a speedy and more comfortable, rapid recovery for your child.

Many of the terms such as Lip Tie Repair/Surgery, Tongue Tie Repair/Surgery can be confusing and overwhelming. We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with us so we can go over all the details in a simple and straightforward manner. We can walk you through what will be required and help you and your child have a pleasant experience. Please call Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry at (718) 761-7316 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.