Fillings and Cosmetic Dentistry

While filling a tooth is usually easy, it is much better for your child's oral health if we can minimize the risk of cavities in the first place. At Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to educate and inform parents and caregivers about the importance of six-month checkups, teeth cleanings, and home care for their children.

Still, we know that even with proper care, a child can get a cavity that needs to be repaired with a strong and durable tooth filling. Our pediatric dentists offer tooth-colored fillings that restore the tooth to full health and blend seamlessly into your child's smile.

Why Our Dentist Recommends Tooth-Colored Fillings

Children are prone to plaque just like adults, and as it builds up on their teeth, harmful bacteria and acids eventually create a hole in the tooth that we call a cavity. When this happens, our pediatric dentists recommend tooth-colored composite resin to stop the spread of decay and restore the tooth to health. 

Our pediatric dentists in Staten Island choose composite resin to fill teeth because modern materials last many years and won't leave a noticeable spot in your child's smile. Tooth-colored fillings also enable us to create a more conservative repair because the process allows us to preserve a more healthy tooth structure.

What's Involved with Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Placing a tooth filling is a comfortable, straightforward procedure that our dentists can complete in one appointment. 

Your child's comfort is our priority, so we use what is for most patients, "no needle," "no numb" Solea laser dentistry. We also offer gentle sedation with nitrous oxide for children who need a little bit of help relaxing.

Our dentists carefully remove the decay and clean and dry the tooth thoroughly. When the tooth is cavity-free, we blend the composite resin to a shade that matches your child's tooth color.

Next, we apply the filling material, molding it to match the tooth's shape and size, then harden it with a special curing light. The final step is to check the filling and make adjustments as needed to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the way their dental bite functions.

That's all there is to it! You and your child will leave our dental office with their tooth fully restored to health, and your little one can go back to their usual daily activities.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Children

Children commonly experience trauma to their front teeth due to falling down and hitting their teeth or as a result of sports activities. Even if damage like a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth is only aesthetic, your child is still left with a blemish in their beautiful smile.

Fortunately, your child doesn't have to wait until adulthood to have the problem corrected. Our pediatric dentists can fill in the chipped or broken area with a tooth-colored filling material and restore the tooth to full health and a perfect appearance. When Dr. Michelle and Dr. Yelena expertly match the shade of the material to the tooth and shape and harden it, even you won't see the repair! 

Using the same process, our pediatric dentists can correct the results of dental hypoplasia, an enamel defect that leads to thin or non-existent tooth enamel. Placing the composite resin on these teeth helps correct the structural and aesthetic defects and also helps minimize tooth sensitivity. 

In the case of dental hypoplasia, we often combine the restorative process with ICON, MI Paste, and sometimes SDF treatments to provide the best outcome possible.  

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